The Judges:

2019 Fleet Base West (FBW) Photo Competition

There are two components to the Judging for the 2019 competition:

  1. 1Pre-Judging: from the images uploaded up to 60 (20 from each theme) will be chosen from the pool to be printed to A3 for display at the Gary Holland Centre from 22 November, 2019.

  2. 2Final Judging: the printed images will be judged at the Gary Holland Centre on the 22 November, 2019 prior to the awards night. 

Judges for the Pre-Judging include:

Kingsley Klau - AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer

LSIS Richard Cordell from the Navy Imaging Unit - FBW, and Bruce Fraser - President of the Rockingham Photography Club.

Judges for the Print-Judging include:

CAPT Ainsley Morthorpe - Commanding Officer, HMAS Stirling and keen photographer

CPOIS Damian Pawlengo, Officer in Charge - Navy Imagery Unit-West, and Mayor Barry Sammels,  Mayor - City of Rockingham and Chris Dalton - Professional Markets Manager - Nikon Australia

Bruce Fraser - President-Rockingham Photography Club:

My name is Bruce Fraser and I am an Australian based photographer, my genre of photography is that of Landscape and Commercial.

I first became involved with Photography whilst serving in the Royal Australian Airforce in the 1980’s and continued this into my Ambulance Service career (recently retired) an Ambulance Paramedic with St John in WA.

A few years ago, I completed a Certificate in Digital Photography. Whilst in training, my work was displayed in local WA media publications and several Perth businesses being St John Ambulance WA, Peel Development Group, WAPF Sporting Federation and Fremantle Maritime Museum. My cameras of choice are a Canon 5D Mk IV and my travel camera is a Sony A7R Mk III (both full frame).

I specialise in ND filter Landscape and Seascape images and have received professional training in New York City and in the United Kingdom.

I have also been trained in other styles of photography ranging from family portraits, weddings and commercial based photo shoots.

I am a member of the Australian Photographic Society and the current President of the Rockingham Photographic Club.

I also often get involved in photographic competitions with Australia.

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Bruce Fraser

Kingsley Klau -

AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer

Founder-Vice President of the Rockingham Photography Club.

Professional for the past 15 years, Kingsley’s interest began as a child, but his passion finally grew into a business under the name ‘PhotoCoffee’ in early 2006 when both a dedicated Coffee Lounge and Professional Photography outlet were seen as an opportunity in the sea-side suburb of Rockingham.  The Coffee Lounge closed in December 2016 - and now works from home.

Apart from shooting Weddings, Natural Portraiture, and Corporate photography, Kingsley enjoys teaching. His tuition began at his coffee lounge - PhotoCoffee, but has broadened to Shoot Courses in Perth and many other organisations.  He also conducts many 1-on-1’s for those wishing to improved their skills at their level.

Kingsley has been contracted for the past 10 years photographing for the City of Rockingham - giving him the opportunity to become strongly involved in the local community.  Many of his images are published in local flyers, periodicals and used to demonstrate visually aspects of the City.

One of his most honored shoots was for a collaboration with the AIPP, photographing 62 individual portraits for WWII Veterans, the images now part of collection in the Canberra War Memorial and archived in the National Library.

In 2006, Kingsley created now one of the largest camera clubs in Western Australia - the

Rockingham Photography Club with over 100 members. This involvement led him to the WAPF (Western Australian Photographic Federation) and was President from 2009-2011, and again from 2016 to 2018.

The WAPF and their affiliated clubs saw over a 100% growth in WA Club Memberships during his time as President.

Kingsley has also been a sort-after Judge and adds the Perth Royal Show as one of his many judging commitments, many of these given free if his time.

Kingsley also leads a bi-annual photo tour to Cocos-Keeling and Christmas Island, along with a support lead into France.

His dog ‘Nikon’, and dingo-cross, can be seen with him at most photographic shoots!

Kingsley Klau

Damian Pawlenko -

Chief Petty Officer Imagery Specialist (CPOIS)

Officer in Charge - Navy Imagery Unit-West

Chief Petty Officer Imagery Specialist (CPOIS) Damian Pawlenko joined the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in 1993 as a Boatswains Mate and upon completion of basic seamanship training joined Destroyer Escort HMAS Derwent until it decommissioned in August 1994. From Derwent, he then posted to HMAS Torrens until July 1996 when he then got accepted into the Basic Photography Course at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria. After nine months of intensive training he graduated in April 1997 and posted to the Navy Photographic Unit at Garden Island Naval Base in Sydney where he worked from for seven years.

Throughout his career, he has experience in a wide range of Navy and ADF operations through various sea and shore posting and operational roles. Highlights have included deployments to the Middle East and Southern Ocean and being part of HMAS Anzac’s six-month Northern Trident Deployment in 2005 where he got to visit a wide range of countries and experience multiple milestone anniversaries.

He has been involved in numerous operational deployments including two tours of Afghanistan and East Timor and Operation Pakistan Assist II in 2010. While based at Tarin Kot in Afghanistan he had the opportunity to walk the front line on numerous occasions with Australian soldiers and experience the hardships endured by these men in both stressful and demanding circumstances.

In 2013 he had the privilege of leading the photographic team in Sydney of up to 14 members for the Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review celebrating the 100th anniversary of the entry of the first RAN fleet in Sydney Harbour which was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Since joining as a Navy Photographer, he has been posted around the country on numerous occasions working in both Tri-Service and Navy Units and was involved in the Category name change from Photographer to Imagery Specialist in 2009. Being trained in the film and darkroom era he has had to adapt to the modern digital age throughout his time and has seen major advancements in the industry.

During his career CPOIS Pawlenko has won the Rosemary Rodwell Memorial Prize three times which is awarded annually to the RAN Imagery Specialist whose individual image is judged to be the most striking and memorable of the year. He has also received two Commendations for his role in East Timor in 1999 and for OP Pakistan Assist II.

CPOIS Pawlenko is now the OIC of the Navy Imagery Unit-West at HMAS Stirling where he has been over the past three years. His role is to provide specialist imagery intelligence and public information support to the RAN and joint ADF operations. RAN Imagery Specialists are responsible for the acquisition, processing, production, storage and dissemination of RAN photographic data and products.

Damian Pawlenko

CAPT Ainsley Morthorpe

Commanding Officer

HMAS Stirling - Fleet Base West

My name is Ainsley Morthorpe. I have been a keen amateur photographer since high school, but have really been growing as a photographer since I bought my first DSLR back in 2010 (A full-frame Nikon D700). I also carry an ‘emergency’ camera in my workbag for those fleeting moments that make photography so exciting and dynamic.

I am largely self-taught in terms of technique and style, so I don’t think I have a particular focus and am keen to try most things.  That said, I do have a passion for impressionist paintings, particularly the Heidelberg School and I find myself imagining how one of those artists would imagine a scene before I try and capture that – portraits, landscapes, seascapes and architecture. I also love artists such as Turner and Constable, particularly their skies, and am always looking for that sort of drama and subtlety in all of my shots – I particularly enjoy looking for these things in shots that traditionally don’t attract such a style.

I am also drawn to the abstract and am fascinated by the colours and tones one finds in nature, so I find myself drawing back to see an image and then immediately look for details that add value – a small flower in a mountain landscape, a door in a building, that type of thing.

I have been in Command of HMAS Stirling since February 2019, and have been delighted to discover the amazing photo opportunities here in our own island, as well as the beautiful landscapes, wildlife and architecture shots I’m getting around Perth and WA.

CAPT Ainsley Morthorpe

Richard Cordell

Leading Seaman Imagery Specialist

Navy Imagery Unit-West

Richard had a keen interest in photography for a number of years before transferring to Navy Imagery Specialist in 2010. This involved 9 months of training at RAAF Base Sale in Eastern Victoria. 


Since becoming an Imagery Specialist he has worked on numerous ships and establishments and travelled to over 20 countries including Tanzania, Dubai, India, Korea and Japan. The opportunity to travel is one of the most exciting aspects of the role for Richard; in particular being able to observe and photograph the different cultures and traditions.


During his career Richard has won the Rosemary Rodwell Memorial Prize twice in a row which is awarded annually to the RAN Imagery Specialist whose individual image is judged to be the most striking and memorable of the year. His photos and videos have been used and published in numerous publications around the globe.

Aside from shooting for the Defence Force, Richard enjoys the more creative side of photography with models, cosplay events and photoshop composites.