It’s on again...

The 2020 Fleet Base West (FBW) Photo Competition

Open to all FWB personnel connected to HMAS Stirling and its infrastructure.


The aim of the photo competition is to draw on images taken by budding photographers out-and-about that visually describe the Navy role, it’s people and assets (stuff).

From the images that can be uploaded, judges will draw on up to 50 ‘Finalists’ to consider the winning images.

The finalists will be displayed for the public to view at an exhibition in Rockingham, with an awards evening as the forerunner to the exhibition.

It is intended that the public can be provided a visual ‘snapshot’ of ‘those people over on that island’ and what happens there and what to do they do, both on Garden Island and out and about in the fleet, whilst allowing budding photographers to visually demonstrate  their skills.


‘The People’

images of Defence personnel and Defence related civilians (contractors / SPO’s / recruiting and anyone directly connected to FBW) These images can include people in their workspaces, on-the-job, returning from deployment etc.  Images are to contain some relevance to the Defence space – a uniform / background context, that ‘says’ Navy / Defence / Defence support.  For Defence assets overseas, this can be sailors engaged into the visited ports, but again must show a visual connection to Navy.


images of the Navy’s environmental connections, especially HMAS Stirling.  Could be the local flora and fauna, scenery shots, also aspects of how other FBW Defence assets not on Garden Island fit into the local environment spaces.


images of moveable or permanent Defence assets: ships, submarines, boats, equipment, buildings or structures, ships and submarines overseas and Navy related equipment that can be photographed artistically.

Relative dates: - To be updated soon!

  1. 1 July 19 - Competition open for entries 

  2. 31 Oct 17 – 31 Oct 19 (two years) - Entries permitted taken from

  3. 31 Oct 19 – Entries Close

  4. 6 Nov 19 –  Pre-Judging for Finalists (up to 50 total) - LINK to Judges Page

  5. 15 Nov 19 – Printing of the Finalists complete

  6. 22 Nov 19 – 0900-1100 – Photos hung for exhibition at the Gary Holland Centre 

  7. 22 Nov 19 – 1300 – Final Judging at the Gary Holland Centre - LINK to Judges Page

  8. 22 Nov 19 – 1800-2000 – Exhibition Awards Night

  9. 22 – 29 Nov 19 – Exhibition open to Public – ‘People’s Choice’ decided by ballot.

  10. 29 Nov 19 – 1400 – Exhibition completed


  1. 1The Competition is open to all attached to Fleet Base West (FBW), including PNF, attached Defence Personnel, Reservists, Civilians, and Contractors.

  2. 2Photos must have been taken between 1 Nov 17 and 31 Oct 19. 

  3. 3Care should be taken when photographing at FBW regarding restricted equipment /operational areas.  All photos will be vetted and any images breaching security rules will not be admissible. 

  4. 4Members can enter up to five images.

  5. 5Images must be at least 1 MB in file size.

  6. 6Images must be saved and sent as JPEG’s only.  No TIFF, PSD etc files.

  7. 7Images cannot be more than 10 MB (they will not load via the upload form)

  8. 8Images must be entered only via the provided online form.  No files can be supplied to the organisers any other way.

  9. 9Uploaded images may be used to promote, further possible FBW photo competitions. You must agree to this prior to uploading.  Files will not be loaded to any website at more than 1000 pixels and will not used in any other way unless prior consent is sought.

  10. 10Your image(s) may be selected as a finalist.  You agree to them being exhibited in print if so.

  11. 11The best crop ratio is 3x2 - for printing for exhibition.  Square cropped, or cropped to a differing ratio may inhibit their selection as a finalist.

  12. 12Images may have been taken on any digital device - i.e. a mobile phone, tablet, DSLR, compact digital camera etc. 

  13. 13Selection of finalists will be final and no discussion will be entered into.

  14. 14Prizes as supplied must be taken as offered and no further discussion will be entered into.

  15. 15Photos must be free of any logos, names or promotional imagery.

  16. 16Photos must be taken by the author who enters them.

  17. 17Files can be modified as seen fit, but must be identifiable as a photo.

  18. 18Each image must be titled (up to 5 words only) when uploaded.

  19. 19Images must be aligned with the above ‘Themes‘  - you will be asked this when uploading.

  20. 20When people are easily identifiable, you must gain their permission prior to uploading the image(s).  By uploading, we assume this has been done.  Group shots are generally OK.


See all the information about prizes on THIS webpage!

Good Luck!

Organiser: LEUT Kingsley Klau

0417 928 679 / kingsley.klau@defence.gov.au