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Above:  1998 Red Ducati 900SS
After 10 years of not riding, again the desire to get out on a bike took hold and we got hold of a terrific condition 900SS.  The owner (according to him) never road it in the rain, and it showed.
Purchased 2nd hand on 26th July, 2012 for $7400.00  
This bike is in excellent condition - the previous owner had an affiliation with Carbon Fibre, so many pieces are fitted (rear mudguard, pieces around other aspects of the bike and Carbon Fibre Ducati Performance exhaust pipes.  
Like the previous owner, I prefer to only ride when conditions are good and am rewarded with all the vibrations and sounds that come with this bike.
It also looks GREAT!
Left:  2012 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring
Given the ride across Australia is bearing down - and there is NO WAY, I would ride the 900SS any further than a few 100km’s, a more suitable ride was needed to be found!
Looking online and researching, I found this example on and purchased on 1st of April, 2019 for $10,500.00
With 35,000 km’s on the ‘clock’ the owner is purchasing a more serious off-road bike and wished to sell this one.
The owner rode this bike as intended - including off-road, so was not street only clean, so a big cleanup is happening - will post photo updates soon.

Being a ‘Touring’ spec, this Ducati came standard with:
Side Panniers and 
Centre Stand.  

Being the 1200 ‘S’ the Ducati also has
Electronic 4 Mode Ride Settings on Suspension with Ohlins Shock absorbers (front and rear) and throttle / power settings.

The previous owner(s) had added:
Rear Pannier, 
Side protection bars, 
Driving lights (EVO High Beam and Mounting Kit)
Modified handle bar protection 
Additional 12V Outlet on Dash
Ungraded exhaust 
Updated Windscreen and some other minor mods.

I intend to add / change the following:
Headlights to LED (White 5000-6000K)
iPhone Holder  - $39.99 US - Ordered (Pic below)
Sheepskin SeatCover - Emailed for price...
Sena 20S-01D Communication System’

I will notate all the mods / upgrades / costs / and thoughts on this bike as I prepare it for the trip in 2020...

Above:  2002 Yellow Ducati 900SS

After almost 20 years of not riding, and being back in Western Australia were the weather is more suitable to bike riding, I bought a new 900SS in Yellow! 

Just after the first service I had new exhaust fitted that gave it the real Ducati sound..

At around 9000km on a trip South, a friend of mine wanted a ride, however it ended badly and was written off.  Thankfully no-one was hurt!

So was short-lived!

Above:  1980 Ducati Darmah 900SS

Purchased in Perth, WA and sold in Sydney around 3 years later.  Here photographed on the Hume Highway (NSW) near Canberra.

Added a rear carrier bar and front screen and ‘Conti’ mufflers for a bit of highway running.

Road across the Nullarbor from Perth to Ceduna, return and averaged 72 mpg (3.9 litres per 100km)

Link to a video shot in USA for one for sale.

The Plan:

For the trip I plan to ride with Adam (he has the BMW 850GS), and coming along are several off-road rigs (4x4‘s with off-road vans / campers) so if riding (my long-term desire) I needed a bike that:

  1. could handle the distance,

  2. be comfortable,

  3. give reasonable fuel economy

  4. carry a decent load

  5. be reliable...  (I know it’s a ‘Ducati’ - things have improved over the years - given they are now owned by Audi, but I still hear “the electrics are crap, they need servicing every 1,000 km’s, bit fall off etc etc - well for me, I have had nothing but great reliability from my previous (and current) Ducati’s.  Treat em well, give em hugs, service well - I feel they are every bit as reliable as any other bike around...)

  6. and is something I’ll ENJOY riding - not JUST for the practicalities!! (the sound is a bonus!!)

Many options are out there:

BMW (several from the 850 to 1200 GS)

KTM 1290 Super Adventurer

Husqvarna 701 Enduro

Triumph Tigers

Honda Africa Twin

Suzuki V-Strom amongst others,

Here is a good recent LINK to the descriptor of the bikes by LoneRider and of course the:

Ducati Multistrada 950’s or 1200 / 1260’s 

Options were to look at the newest (Ducati Multistrada 950S and 1260S), however given their price-point and that I’ll be heading onto some dirt roads, average backroads etc, the fact someone who has done this, got it dirty, added some options, I figured on a good 2nd hand unit to cover the trip - and if I’m over it when I get back, should be able to hand-it-along without too much loss...

Soooo - a bit of research -, GumTree etc looking for one in WA that covered aspects (1200 - Stuff on it - Price - Genuine owner etc).

To buy one interstate would add easily $2-3K with shipping or riding over, then the hassle of registering / stamp duty etc - purchasing in WA was the way to go.

I also combed the internet for some history of the bike, reviews etc and found this review (one of the few Aussie one’s) that was the sealer for me:

LINK to gizmag, published on the 16th June, 2011.  Thanks for the superb review gizmag (with a bit of Aussie humor!)

I will post more soon - given the pickup of the ‘new’ Multistrada - so standby.

See below re the purchase of and updates to the Multistrada 1200S Touring I recently (1st April, 2019) purchased...

Photo Taken:  20 April, 2019
Nikon Df - 70-200mm Sigma Lens - 3 x Nikon Flash units fired by a SU-800 Nikon Flash Commander
All settings Manual - 125th Sec, ISO 100, F3.5 Aperture

20th April, 2019 - UPDATE:

The 35,000 km service was completed (all oils and checks) - by CORSE - 12th April, 2019

Anthony (the mechanic at CORSE) had that look when the service was completed that possibly all in not good :(

A bronze gleam in the oil indicates the main bearing is loosing its protective coating and would require replacement.  Also the gear selector seems to have bent aspects inside the box making selecting gears (especially 1st-2nd and down again) extremely difficult (I thought is was just me!)

Anthony said to treat carefully and not consider any long journeys - and to book in sooner than later to replace the bearings - around $4K repair!!!

I also spent many hours cleaning away red dirt, exhaust stains and oil mostly from the chain.  The previous owner ‘road’ the bike, but cared little about it.

The spotlights don’t work, nor do the heated grips (apparently a typical Ducati fault).

Also all the fittings lacked lubrication (even the key!) - slowly they are becoming  more user friendly.

The battery was tested, but did not have the crank power (especially on a cold morning) - so was replaced - thanks to Battery World in Rockingham - they are the ultimate professionals.

I have ordered a sheepskin (tan colour) for the riders seat - I will report on that when it arrives!

I ride to work HMAS STIRLING - and is a pleasure to ride (negating the challenging gear-box) - once repaired should make a reliable and comfortable ride.