1. Click on the above links to see costs and more information about sizes etc

  2. If preparing for printing and using PhotoShop (or similar) - save your files at 300dpi and JPG’s and crop to the size you would like.

  3. If your unable to do this, the best (and quickest) is to put the full resolution file(s) onto a USB Stick / Thumb Drive, and we will do the rest...

  4. We can print as larges as 60cm (600mm) wide, and up to 2 meters long

  5. We ONLY print QUALITY - no cheap papers or inks...  You can have this done more cheaply at larger franchise stores...

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  1. Print to the right:

  2. File created at PhotoCoffee, then printed using our large format printer, then framed on a custom Jarrah Frame - all managed by PhotoCoffee