What to Bring:

  1. Camera Gear - Consider Weight - Only 7kg of Carry-On and 23kg of Checked Baggage.

  2. Battery Charger(s) for your Camera(s) and Flash(s) - Power is as per AUS - 240V and same plugs

  3. Tripod - try to pack it in your checked luggage.

  4. Personal Sunscreen - you can buy on the Islands - but will be considerably more expensive

  5. Towels (1 Beach only - others are supplied)

  6. Swimming Gear - there is lots of water and you will enjoy the swimming-snorkeling.

  7. Snorkeling Mask - If you have your own and it fits well - worth bringing.  Others will be available for hire or loan on both islands. 

  8. Hat - Being the tropics the sun can be quite damaging!

  9. Only a couple changes of clothes - No need for a coat or heavy warm clothing - it does NOT get cold.

  10. Your laptop - it will be safe and we will have a few chances to do some editing etc.

  11. Hiking Boots / closed-in waterproof sandals (mostly for Christmas Island - crabs and sharp rocks).

  12. SIM Card if you don’t have a Telstra Account (for Christmas Island only) - Coco Keeling Islands have no mobile coverage - see general information above for more on this...  Also you won’t be able to post photos via Instagram via the Telstra Network on Christmas Island - the network is not capable of managing the file sizes.

  13. We are coming off the wet-season - maybe some wet-weather clothing and protection for your camera gear.  It will not be cold however, so no need for coats and the like :)

  14. Any Medical requirements - there is reasonable medical facilities on both islands - so ensure any scripts and even some minor things like panadol are considered.

Outdoor Theatre - Christmas Island

Photography - Christmas Island

Drinks-Nibbles - South Point - CI

Bakery - Christmas Island - get there early!

Buying Duty Free - Christmas Island

Cinema Snack Shop - Cinema - CI

Presentation at ‘The Retreat’ - CI

Arriving - Christmas Island

Arriving - Cocos-Keeling Islands

Preparing for Canoe Trip - Cocos Islands

Red Crab - Christmas Island

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Packaged Lunch - Christmas Island